City of Lights is a Pathfinder Campaign that is set in the Eberron Campaign Setting. The campaign centers around the town of Vathirond, in Breland, which is also adjacent to the Mournland. We have taken fairly extreme liberties with the town, and our version does not really match the write-up in the Eberron Campaign Setting.

We wanted to have a lot of latitude in our storytelling, but also retain the feel of Eberron. We decided our “point of departure” from the established canon would be the night of “the Change.”

There exists within the Mournland and the Eberron Campaign world “living spells” – spells that gained sentience and roam around the Mournland. While, according to canon, they are not terribly high level spells, we thought it would be interesting to explore the possibility that a Living Wish spell rolled out of the Mournland and into Vathirond. The way we saw it, the Living Wish would be subtle and depending on the desires being voiced, dreamt, etc. the town could change in dramatic and subtle ways.

The first and most obvious change was that the entire city became a manifest zone, linked to Irian, the Eternal Day (thus, City of Lights). Secondly, we were able to introduce fun “citizens” that would be attracted to Irian – thus, the city has a contingent of Lantern Archons that serve as anything from messengers to security. More subtle manifestations of the Living Wish include a mayor that cannot ever be caught or implicated in any of his political “deals” – nothing ever seems to stick; a persistently seedy district across the river, anchored by a moored gambling boat, a contingent of lizard-men who live on an island in the river, and a strange “curse” that prevents any clergy of the Silver Flame who enter the town from leaving (they simply reappear in the main cathedral). Needless to say, we can always insert story hooks at any time, and ultimately trace them back to the night of “the Change.”

The town serves as a great place where many adventures can unfold, and the presence of the Mournland offers more canonical adventures that take advantage of published material.

City of Lights